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Asha Dublin



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HERBAKKO Herbal Blend

Alternative Mixer

  • 50gram pouch
  • 100% Tobacco-Free and Nicotine-Free
  • Irish-grown ingredients from Donegal
  • Stays fresh forever
  • Soft fluffy texture for easy rolling
  • Ingredients: Marshmallow Leaf, Rose Petals, Raspberry Leaf, Red Leaf, Clover, Fruit Juices, Honey.

"Herbakko 50g Herbal Smoking Mixture/  Blend, A 100% Nicotine Free Smoke. 

Herbakko is a unique and smooth herbal smoking blend (herbal smoking mixture) composed of herbs and flavours. It is based on a traditional herbal recipe.

Herbakko is Nicotine Free.

Our unique blend burns slowly and steadily and does not extinguish readily thus providing you with an enjoyable smoking experience.

Herbakko offers you the perfect substitute that can be used as part of a smoking cessation plan. This can help you to quit your addiction to nicotine products. 

Our 50 gram pouches are both easy to use and resealable which ensures optimum convenience and premium freshness and quality.

At Herbakko we are extremely proud of our herbal smoking blend and are confident you will be very satisfied too.

Please note that our herbal blend is non addictive, is 100% legal and does not claim to give the user any ‘high’ "

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