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The Budtender

THE BUDTENDER Gummies - Sour Kiwi

THE BUDTENDER Gummies - Sour Kiwi

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The Budtender Sour Kiwi gummies are tart and citrusy and provide hybrid effects which will put you somewhere in the middle of uplifted and relaxed.

They will induce a calm body and relaxed state of mind.

We’ve supercharged the NANOTECH in these gummies to be hard hitting and send you into orbit in 5 to 30 minutes!


Take half a gummy, or less for beginners, and wait at least 24 hours before considering another dose.  As with all hemp derived products we recommend to START LOW, GO SLOW!

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Nanotised Gummies Two Gummies Per Pack


5.5 gram pectin-based, sugar dusted, cube gummy infused with natural flavours.


100% Hemp derived Pectin based and sugar dusted cubes

Net weight 11Grams per pack (2 Gummies per pack)5.5Gram Pectin based Sugar Dusted Cube Budtender Gummy infused with all Natural Flavours.NANO 2MG THCpNON NAN 20MG Broad Spectrum CBDFlavour- Strawberry SmoothieColour- PinkSTRAIN- INDICA DOMINANT

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