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Asha Dublin

OwlsOils HHC Pre-Rolls - 2 pack

OwlsOils HHC Pre-Rolls - 2 pack

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Key Features:

  • The Pre-Rolls Duo Pack includes two pre-rolls, each weighing at least 1g (2g total)
  • One for now and one for later, our pre-roll infusions invite you to savor the present while preserving a piece of the future
  • Crafted with proprietary solventless infusion proccess, blending HHC, botanical terpenes, and kief from biodynamic regenerative farming practices.
  • Contains over 20% Active Cannabinoids and 8 Different Minor Cannabinoids for a unique experience.
  • Environmentally conscious packaging—sustainably made from 100% recycled ocean plastic. Please recycle!
  • Lab tested for potency, terpenes, heavy metals, pesticides, mycotoxins, microbials, residual solvents
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