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Owls Oils

OwlsOils Golden HHC Carts 1ml

OwlsOils Golden HHC Carts 1ml

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Key Features:

  • 1000mg of high-potency HHC Oil infused with carefully selected Botanical Terpenes.
  • Unique quartz coil for efficient heating and flavour preservation.
  • Strain name etched on the cartridge for easy identification.
  • Enjoy consistent flavour in every batch with botanically derived terpenes.
  • Explore our Platinum Owl Cartridges with truly cannabis-derived terpenes for an exclusive experience.
  • Packaging made from recycled ocean plastic. Please recycle!

**** VAPE CARE: As much as possible, please charge vaping devices from small outlets, i.e. computer, power bank, in the car.  Extremely high wattage and voltage travel through wall sockets and may cause the battery to blow in the device making it unusable!!!!

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