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BREIT-HI Dry Herb Vaporizer - Green

BREIT-HI Dry Herb Vaporizer - Green

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"The BREIT-HI is a super mini, durable, non-combustion dry herb vaporizer that fits discretely into the palm of your hand.  It is with a high-grade embedded ceramic heating chamber, isolated airflow, accurate temperature control, advanced OLED screen and a near perfect structure. Which keeps BREIT-HI a big vapor, full-baked, pure taste and smooth airflow herbal vaporizer."

What's in the box:

1 x BREIT - HI vaporizer

1x Glass drip tip

1 x USB Charger

1x Dab tool

1x Mini pipe cleaner

2 x Silicone rings

2 x mouthpiece screens

1 x User Manual



Chamber Capacity: 0.5grams

Battery Life: 40 minutes consecutive use (after full-charge)

Temperature Range: 300*F-345*F/149*C-224*C

Battery: 3.7V  16450 840mAh Li battery

Charger Standard: 5V/1.000mAh

Max Work Current: 5A

Resistance and Max Output Watt: 0.7ohm, 23Watt

Material: Environment Health PC, ABS, Glass, Ceramic

System Protection: over charging protection, short circuit protection

*Great for those wanting to quit using tobacco and discrete with less smell

**We recommend using your vaporizer at a mid-temperature to help your vaporizer last you longer

***Asha Dublin currently does not stock spare parts for herbal vaporizers!


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